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A place to share your completed crochet projects [entries|friends|calendar]
Share your completed crochet projects here!

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New to LJ [26 Apr 2011|10:16am]

[ mood | calm ]

Hello everyone!  I am so excited to find this group.  I am the only person in my friend/family circle that does anything crafty and I love sharing what I am working on so expect many, MANY posts from me!  In fact, I am going to start taking pictures right away, but I have one here already!

This is my son, Alex.  He is modeling one of the hat/scarf sets that I made dozens of for Christmas in every color you can imagine!  They were something I could make for all of the girls and a couple of guys in my life.  Thanks again for this community and please let me know about others that you are a part of! 

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Crochet Novice [16 Apr 2011|11:41pm]

[ mood | warm ]

I recently picked up my first crochet hook about three weeks ago. Having taught myself, i dont think i have done too badly. I have made myself a scarf for next winter, as i could never really find one i liked in the shops. I also started a hat but ran out of wool so it will fit my 2 year old neice instead. Hopefully i can get some hints and tips on what to try next.

Please excuse the picture quality, i had to take it with my phone.

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Yarn-wrapped earbuds? [26 Mar 2011|04:07pm]

[ mood | calm ]

This is kinda my thing. I make yarn-wrapped earbuds.

I'm not trying to advertise at you or anything like that just because I'm posting my etsy-mini here, lol. It's just that all of my good photos are on my etsy and I don't feel like re-uploading them or something like that... plus, I think it looks nicer. :3


Thanks for looking~

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I'm just starting out, so be nice! [02 Mar 2011|05:20pm]

I'm learning to crochet so that I can make a baby blanket for my godson, Zachary (due in early May). Here's my first attempt/test piece (note that the intention was for it to be square):

and here's my second (and hopefully final) attemptCollapse )
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Yarn Help [31 Aug 2008|08:28pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

I usually don't make posts like these, but you know how you finish a project and need only ->this much<- yarn to finish? Yeah, I had one of those days.

I am making a pillow to co-ordinate with a blanket I made. I want it to be one of those pillow covers that overlaps in the back with buttons for easy removal. And I'm about 6 rows short.

I can't find the yarn anymore locally so I was wondering if any of the lovely hookers out there would have any scrap TLC Amore yarn in either Celery or Rose? I would be more than happy to swap some yarn goodies or presents for it.

To see my sad, unfinished pillow, Follow The Link,

Thanks in Advance and Sorry for Cross-Posting

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A new hat [29 Jan 2008|04:31pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Over a year ago, I crocheted myself a very cute little beret. My hair's gotten considerably longer since then, and the hat barely fits now [I've gained an inch around my head due to the thickness of my hair]. This, of course, prompted a new hat.

And here it is, slightly more relaxedCollapse )

The really interesting part about these hats is that they're made of the same yarn weight with the same hook and off the same pattern, but due to how they work up and drape, one looks slightly more fitted then the other. I love 'em both.

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And lo, there was time to crochet, and it was good. [03 Jan 2008|10:43am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Loads of pictures behind the cut, including a hat, some wrist cuffs, a couple of bracelets, and a failed sweater that was still a pretty good teaching aid.

First, the sweater.Collapse )

The BraceletsCollapse )

wrist cuffsCollapse )

HatCollapse )

And that's the lot.

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Sweater 3.0-Victory! [26 Nov 2007|10:20am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Ladies and gents, I've made a sweater.

And here it isCollapse )

There's work to be done, mostly in the sleeve region, but it's a sweater, and it doesn't look half-bad. Victory? Yes. A better victory with a bit of tweaking? Oh, my, yes.

Yarns: Lion Brand Wool-Ease Sparkle and Lion Brand Suede
Hook: J

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Schepsel [23 Nov 2007|06:54pm]

[ mood | creative ]

So I have designed and created all of these cute little creatures. I am still working on more and hope to have some soon.
Feel free to check out my website for more updates. www.geocities.com/schepsel

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Mr. Tang

More pictures hereCollapse )

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Filet Rose Cushion Cover [26 Jun 2007|09:37am]


Here's a filet crochet cushion cover I had just completed yesterday :) Hand sewed the completed filet over a pink background before machine stitching the whole number into a cover.

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Single Crochet+Cross stitch=almost unbearably cute [25 Jun 2007|02:45pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Bernat Denim Style for Bag
Caron Simply Soft for embellishments

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I do so love this bag, and it held up during a recent vacation. I freehanded the bag, although I do have a general idea about how I got it to look like it does, and the flower patterns were thought up with a couple of hours, some graph paper, and a pencil with a good eraser. You can't see the strap [because I forgot to get a picture], but it's reinforced with a bit of cross stitch so that while it's stretched out since I started using it, it hasn't done so to any horrible results.

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DIY Crocheted Clutch Bag [07 Jun 2007|11:24am]


Just completed it this morning.  Pattern from: "easy KNIT & CROCHET ideas" - Vol XV No.4 2005

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Beach Blanket Brim Hat [05 Jun 2007|06:24pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Made with Heavy Worsted Weight Yarn and an I-hook

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

and the side viewCollapse )

Pattern can be purchased here.

All comments and critiques welcome.

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The Perfect Cloche, Version 1.0 and Version 2.0 [01 Mar 2007|01:50pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Side shots under the cutCollapse )

The red-on-red hat is Version 1.0, worked up with the hind end of a Caron One Pound skein. It's the stiffness of the acrylic that gives the brim a little flare. The red-on-yellow hat is Version 2.0, worked up with Lion Brand Wool-Ease. Because the wool-ease is a wool/acrylic blend, it's a bit softer so the brim doesn't ruffle quite like with the Caron.

I'm selling the pattern for the hat on my website. The pattern can be purchased here, and includes instructions for head sizes up to 24".

All comments and critiques are welcome.

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Eight Point Pineapple Doily [13 Feb 2007|11:34pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Here's a doily I made over the weekend :)

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New to the Community [10 Feb 2007|12:10pm]

Hi All,

I am new to this community :)

Would like to share some of the crochet crafts, among the many many that I had done these years with you.

Crocheted Wedding Bears for my wedding

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FO Mania [20 Jan 2007|07:32pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I finally posted pictures of all the Christmas gifts I made:

Most are knit, some are crocheted.

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my crochet [22 Nov 2006|05:30pm]

вяжу крючком, в основном ажурную одежду для женщин
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The Man Hat! [15 Nov 2006|07:06pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Worked up with LB Wool-Ease and an I-hook.
The pattern is up for consideration for a not-yet-launched crochet site called artofcrochet.com
My very sweet boyfriend did the modeling.

Link to the nifty pictures.

All comments are welcome.

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FOR SALE: Fuzzed to be Tied, A Hat Pattern [06 Oct 2006|08:00am]

[ mood | busy ]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Instructions for crocheting this fun, simple hat come complete with directions for larger head sizes and give yarn information for both a fuzzy and non-fuzzy version.

Cost: $5.00
Delivery: A .pdf file delivered to your inbox within 24 hours of cleared payment.

Click to view larger pictures and purchase this pattern.

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