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Share your completed crochet projects here!
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Community created November 2, 2004. Userinfo last updated August 6, 2005.

Welcome! This community is a place for crocheters to show off photographs of our finished creative efforts. Please read and follow the community guidelines before posting.

  1. Only posts with photographs of completed CROCHET projects are welcome. No text-only posts! If you don't know how to post photos, read this first: How to add images to LJ posts Links to your photos are acceptable as well.

  2. Place photos larger than 500 px X 700 px, and/or 100 mb in file size, behind a LJ cut. If you don't know how to use a LJ cut then read this first: How to use a LJ cut tag.

  3. Put the name of your project in the subject line, especially if you use a link or LJ cut.

  4. Items and/or patterns for sale are welcome in this community.

  5. Please direct crochet-related questions and discussions to the general crochet community.
All posts that do not follow these guidelines, or that contain broken image links, will be deleted without prior notification.


Please use this form to contact the community maintainer if you have any questions about what you can post, or if you have any suggestions for the improvement of this community.


I have compiled a list of crochet-related links which you may visit on my website: SparkleScamp's Crochet Links. Please contact me if you would like to add any links or report broken ones.